Using Whiteboards to Facilitate Student Discussion and Promote Authentic Assessment

As professionals, we often use whiteboards to work out ideas, individually and collaboratively, and to communicate our ideas to others. In the classroom, many people use small or mid-size whiteboards to help students practice these same behaviors. Using whiteboards in the classroom also helps the instructor to see student ideas and provides a unique method of formative assessment. In this workshop, we discussed best practices for using whiteboards in the classroom, collaboratively developed activities that could be used in our own classrooms, identified potential challenges, and brainstormed ways to address these challenges.

At the conclusion of this program participants were able to:

  • Summarize best practices for using whiteboards in the classroom.
  • Identify at least one way that whiteboards could be used to help achieve a specific learning goal in one of their own courses.
  • Draft a whiteboard activity that can be used in one of their classes.

Presented by

Mary Bridget Kustusch (College of Science and Health)


Download (PDF, 9.28MB)

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