Uncovering Students’ Disciplinary Knowledge

Facilitators demonstrated how Generative Knowledge Interviewing (GKI) can be an effective tool to help students more clearly articulate and organize the core concepts and ideas of any discipline. Through story telling and reflection, students will be able to identify their tacit knowledge of their discipline and identify how they can participate in scholarly conversations. During the workshop, participants conducted a GKI to interrogate their current writing assignments. Then, participants brainstormed how to adapt current assignments using GKI to better achieve desired learning outcomes.

By the end of the session, participants were able to:

• Define Generative Knowledge Interview and how to facilitate it.

• Apply GKI to writing assignments

• Create or modify an existing assignment using GKI

Presented by

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Kate Flom Derrick (University Center for Writing-based Learning)


Lauri Dietz (University Center for Writing-based Learning)


Download (PDF, 367KB)


Download (PDF, 230KB)


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