Portfolio Showcase

Upon completion of the program, participants are encouraged to submit their completed teaching portfolios to serve as examples for other program participants.

Here are some portfolios from the 2014-2015 cohort:

Ronald Fernandes | School of Public Service

Ronald Fernandes’ participation in TLCP revitalizes his passion in education after over 15 years teaching graduate and undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University and at DePaul. Throughout the portfolio, Ronald addresses how he applied the strategies and techniques learned from the workshops he attended to his real classroom teaching. He also includes an example of a staged assignment he created for his class.


Judy Friedman | Communication

In this portfolio, Judy Friedman focuses on the concept of teaching the value of the written word. To further illustrate her philosophy on teaching and writing, she includes her published writings, various writing resources, student evaluation comments on her class, and feedback on her writing workshop from other professionals. Also, a self-introduction on the home page and Judy’s own three stories from TLCP orientation clearly indicate where her teaching values are rooted.


Olya Glantsman | Department of Psychology

Olya Glantsman’s portfolio includes sections dedicated to teaching, research, and professional development. In the teaching section, besides teaching philology, she also includes her refection on curriculum development and student evaluation comments. Her research mainly focuses on improving working and learning environment for culturally diverse populations in academic settings.  In the professional development section, she lists the workshops she attended and reflects on her experience in the TLCP by sharing a class activity example influenced by the workshop Uncovering Students’ Hidden Learning.


Mike Hernandez | Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse

As a new teacher, Mike Hernandez cares a lot about developing his teaching practices. This portfolio includes his own video sharing his TLCP experience. Screenshots, quotations, and pictures of his workshop notes show how the TLCP workshops helped him with his teaching practice. Besides teaching, he shared his stories about volunteering at a nonprofit writing and tutoring center 826CHI.


Rajul Jain | Communication

Rajul Jain’s portfolio covers teaching, research, and professional development. She includes sample syllabi, online teaching, and career tips for students as supplements to her teaching philosophy. A beautiful infographic is used to share her reflections about her TLCP experience from the beginning. Overall, her portfolio not only shows her dedication to continuous development in teaching but also gives us a sense of her personality and interests.


DeBorah Wood Holton | School for New Learning

Besides being a fiction writer and poet, Deborah Wood Holton is a scholar who explores a range of topics, from American theatre to adult education. The African (Akan) concept of Sankofa, which is similar to the idea of a spiral, is the organizing theme of her portfolio. She also includes three teaching example teaching materials to demonstrate how her teaching strategies are affected by students’ learning style, how she values diversity in class, and how she integrates learning, neuroplasticity, and teaching writing. At last, Deborah includes a list of photo credits to acknowledge the source of the images.


To see more portfolios from previous cohorts, visit our People page.


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