Program FAQs

What are the requirements to complete the program?

In order to receive a certificate, participants attend six workshops and create a digital teaching portfolio. Preview the orientation materials to learn more about the steps to complete the program.

Who can join the program?

Anyone who teaches at DePaul may join the Teaching & Learning Certificate Program. Full-time faculty, part-time instructors, staff, and graduate students are all welcome. There is absolutely no cost to participate.

How long does it take to complete the program? 

The program must be completed within two years. However, past participants have completed the all program components in as little as two quarters.

In terms of time commitment, count on twelve hours of workshop participation and between five and twenty hours of individual work on your portfolio.

What workshops count towards the certificate? 

Any Teaching Commons workshop  counts toward the certificate. Attendance at the Annual DePaul Faculty Teaching & Learning Conference and the Fall Forum also count towards the certificate. There are at least three opportunities to attend a workshop or event in each of the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Additionally, each TLCP participant can use up to one non-Teaching Commons workshop to count towards their certificate. In order for the workshop to count it must meet the below requirements.

  • The workshop is conducted at DePaul and is sponsored by a DePaul college, school, program, department, or office.
  • The workshop is a minimum of two hours long.
  • The topic of the workshop relates to teaching and learning.
  • The workshop is highly interactive – participants engage in activities or discussion for at least half of the scheduled time.
  • Based on the description, outcomes, and activities, the workshop is likely to provide ideas, strategies, or techniques that participants can apply to their own teaching.

In order to receive credit towards their TLCP certificate for a non-Teaching Commons workshop participants must fill out this form prior to attending the workshop or within 14 days of their attendance.

Currently, workshops and trainings offered by other DePaul professional development programs, such as DOTS and the Assessment Certificate Program, in which participants receive a certificate of completion do not count towards the Teaching and Learning Certificate unless otherwise stated in workshop promotion.

Where can I get help with creating my teaching portfolio? 

The portfolio help page lists resources that may come in handy as you develop your portfolio.

Will my participation in the program affect tenure decisions?

While the skills and documentation that you develop in the program will help you to accomplish your goals as a teacher-scholar, the Teaching and Learning Certificate does not directly contribute to any decisions about hiring, tenure, or promotion.

Why did the program change the portfolio requirements?

Starting in January 2014, the Certificate Program implemented revised portfolio requirements. The revised requirements are designed to encourage more holistic reflection, and to encourage participants to use teaching materials strategically to support the other artifacts in their portfolio.

How do I submit my final portfolio?

This video shows you how to submit a snapshot of your portfolio to the TLCP archives in Digication.

Why do the program requirements emphasize reflection and portfolios?

Developed by the TLCP Planning Committee, these core beliefs articulate the values and assumptions that guide the the program structure and requirements.

  1. The best teachers are lifelong learners.
  2. There are multiple effective approaches to teaching. Some approaches are a better fit than others depending on the pedagogical context.
  3. Teachers improve their practice through participating in a community of teacher-scholars where everyone is both a learner and contributor.
  4. Structured reflection helps teachers identify tacit and new knowledge learned within one context and transfer that knowledge to a variety of personal and professional contexts.
  5. Digital portfolios offer unique opportunities for teachers to make connections among their teaching philosophy, past experiences, and teaching artifacts.

Am I required to use Digication for my ePortfolio?

Digication is DePaul’s official ePortfolio platform. Program participants are encouraged to use Digication because the university maintains many Digication support resources and because it is an opportunity to learn a technology that they can implement with your students in a course. However, participants who do not want to use Digication may build their portfolios in HTML/CSS or another content management system such as WordPress.

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