2017-2018 Cohort

Kimberly Lynch, School of Nursing      

Jessica Jerome, Health Sciences

2016-2017 Cohort

Gabrielle Simons, Writing Rhetoric and Discourse

       Jennifer Zimmerman, Psychology

Sarah Connolly, Physics

Evelyn Lulis, College of Computing and Digital Media

James Montgomery, Environmental Sciences and Studies (portfolio)

Scott Tharp, Student Affairs

Liz McConnell, Psychology (portfolio)

Vincent Stokes, School for New Learning

Luisela Alvarary, Communication (portfolio)

Lori Neblung, School for New Learning

Ali Belkairous, College of Law (portfolio)

Kyle Grice, Chemistry (portfolio)

Shannon Williams, TRIO Student Support Services (portfolio)

Kashica Webber-Ritchey, School of Nursing

Javier Monllor, Management and Entrepreneurship

Susan Tran, Pyschology

Sheila Krogh-Jesperson, Pyschology

Fr. Richard Benson, Religious Studies

Blair Davis, Media and Film Studies

Kate Derrick, University Center for Writing-based Learning (portfolio)

Scott Moringiello, Catholic Studies

Jeffrey Kessler, English  (portfolio)

Akilah Martin, School for New Learning

Cheryl Bachand, History of Art and Architecture

Heather Smith, Geography

2015-2016 Cohort

Antonieta Fitzpatrick, New Student and Family Engagement (portfolio)

Shannon Olison, School for New Learning (portfolio)

Mark Pohlad, History of Art and Architecture

Margaret Poncin, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse

Nancy LaFever, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse

Ian Alexander Moore, Philosophy

Heather C. Sevener, Health Sciences

Diane Hu, Education

Rebecca Feinberg, Law & Health Sciences

Mohammed Aldawood, Modern Languages (portfolio)

Eiron Cudabeck, Health Sciences

Amber Slater, Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse

Tyree Mitchell, Psychology (portfolio)

Margaret Workman, Environmental Science & Studies (portfolio)

Julia Lippert, Masters of Public Health

2014-2015 Cohort

E. Sergio Elahi, Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning

Ronald Fernandes, School of Public Service (portfolio)

Judith Stern Friedman, Communication (portfolio)

Meredith W. Gioia, Liberal Studies Program & Office of Student Records (portfolio)

Olya Glantsman, Psychology (portfolio)

Verena Graupmann, Psychology

Mike Hernandez, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse (portfolio)

Deborah Wood Holton, School for New Learning (portfolio)

Rajul Jain, Communication (portfolio)

Diane Sabenacio Nititham, Educational Policy Studies & Research

Corban Megumi Sanchez, Modern Languages & University Internship Program

Erin Sella, Supplemental Instruction (portfolio)

José A. Soto, School of Cinema and Interactive Media

2013-2014 Cohort

Photograph of 2013-2014 cohort

From left to right: Thomas O’Brien, Marcia Good, Jill Stewart, Anna Grau Schmidt (2012-2013 graduate), Remo Picchietti, Michele L. McCay, Joe Olivier, Jen O’Brien.

Jay Baglia, Communication

Shanique G. Brown, Psychology (portfolio)

Jennifer Conary, English

Maria Joy Ferrera, Masters of Social Work Program

Marcia Good, Anthropology

Tricia Hermes, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse (portfolio)

Yeuseung Kim, Communication (portfolio)

Daniel Makagon, Communication (portfolio)

Michele L. McCay, Health Sciences

Amy Newendorp, University Internship Program (portfolio)

Thomas O’Brien, Religious Studies (portfolio)

Joe Olivier, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse (portfolio)

Stefanos Orfanos, Mathematical Sciences (portfolio)

Ruben D. Parra, Chemistry

Kristen M. Pengelly, Communication & Campus Recreation (portfolio)

Remo Picchietti, College of Business

Jill Stewart, Communication

Terry S. Taylor, University Library

2012-2013 Cohort

Arlene Crandall, College of Education

Laura Durnell, Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse (portfolio)

Trent Engbers, Public Service (portfolio)

Amina Gautier, English

Anna Grau Schmidt, Music (portfolio)

Lauren Heidbrink, Anthropology

Gary Miller, Human Resources & Management

Alexander Stummvoll, Catholic Studies (portfolio)

Lisa Thomas, Hospitality Leadership

Jose Zagal, Cinema & Interactive Media, Game Development

Perry Zurn, Philosophy

2011-2012 Cohort

Picture of 2011-2012 cohort

Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise: Jason Martin, Karen Marvinac, James Moore, Nicholas Thomas, Michael Brubacher, Rana Husseini, Lauri Dietz, and Heather Rakes.

Michael Brubacher, Statistics

Lauri Dietz, University Center for Writing-based Learning

Clayton Graham, Management

Adrienne Holloway, Sociology

Rana Husseini, Communication

Jason Martin, Journalism

Karen Marvinac, University Internship Program

James Moore, College of Business

Heather Rakes, Philosophy

Nicholas Thomas, Hospitality Leadership

Planning Committee

photo of erin
Erin Sella, Program Coordinator

Erin Sella works with DePaul instructors to promote best practices and build a community of teacher-scholars. Prior to focusing on teaching support Erin coordinated the Supplemental Instruction at DePaul. Before joining the Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) in 2013, she worked in student affairs at Illinois Institute of Technology. Her favorite teaching resources are podcasts that focus on higher education and student learning. 

Bo Ju, Assistant Coordinator

Bo is responsible for organizing Teaching Commons events and coordinating Midterm Student Feedback sessions.  She’s been tutoring students in different levels of English-as-A-Foreign-Language classrooms in China.  Her favorite teaching resource is students’ background knowledge and various cultures they come from because she believes that getting to know students’ views of the world, finding out what they are interested in or need, and connecting them to the knowledge that will be taught in class will largely increase teaching productivity and help students achieve better learning outcomes.

Photo of Lynne Copp

Lynne Copp, University Internship and Cooperative Education Program

As Faculty Director of the University Internship Program (UIP), Lynne is responsible for creating rigorous career-development internship courses, including completely online and hybrid courses; hiring and directing 12 faculty members; and overseeing student learning outcomes. With almost 1,000 students enrolling each year, she needs teaching resources. Her favorite resource is TED Talks online – a treasure chest of lecture videos on almost any topic. For everything her faculty needs to know about excellent teaching, she sends them to DePaul’s Teaching Commons.

Photo of Lauri Dietz

Lauri Dietz, University Center for Writing-based Learning

Lauri began her journey to becoming Director of the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) as an undergraduate writing center tutor at the UC Santa Barbara. She received her PhD in English Renaissance Literature—a time period that did not have strict rules about spelling and writing and, hence, has shaped her descriptivist philosophy. She loves working at the UCWbL because of the many opportunities she has to collaborate with writers and teachers all across the university.

Photo of Jose Olivier

Joe Olivier, Office for Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Joe works with people from across DePaul University to develop and promote online resources for teaching and learning. He also teaches composition and rhetoric in the First-Year Writing Program. In addition to the Teaching Commons, his favorite teaching resource is the Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment’s library, which contains more than 300 titles on teaching and learning that are available to DePaul faculty for checkout.

Photo of Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor, DePaul Library

Terry is the Associate University Librarian for Teaching, Learning, and Research Services. Prior to her current position, she was the Coordinator of Library Instruction, so teaching has always been a part of her work at DePaul.  Most of Terry’s teaching centers around library research and information literacy best practices. She has also participated more than a dozen times on Discover Chicago/Explore Chicago teaching teams and enjoys the opportunity for more extended contact with students and faculty. Terry’s ‘go-to’ resources tend to be from the wide range of databases and research guides to which the Library provides access, but when teaching critical thinking and evaluation of information, anything on the Web is fair game!


Sarah Brown, DePaul Faculty Instructional Technology Services

Sarah works for Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS) as the Senior Instructional Technology Consultant to the College of Education and as the system admin for Digication, DePaul’s digital portfolio platform. She also teaches in the Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse department. Right now, when she’s stuck or needs some inspiration, Sarah turns to Pinterest – once she pries herself away from the food, she can find a robust community of teachers who are sharing best practices, lesson plans, and free stuff (to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses teachers incur every year).
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