Interacting Effectively with International Students

International students bring unique and valuable perspectives to their university classrooms, but there may be barriers that prevent them from fully engaging in class. Faculty assume that the students are well prepared and familiar with U.S. academic culture, but may be surprised to find some students having difficulty with participating in class discussions, group work, presentations, written assignments or other common features of the U.S. classroom. International students may assume that a TOEFL score and an admission letter are sufficient gateways to success, and they often come from educational systems that are quite different in many ways from those in the United States. 

This interactive workshop will address these questions: What assumptions do we make about international students and what they know about academic culture in the United States? What assumptions and expectations do international students bring with them? What linguistic, cultural and social challenges do international students face in and out of the classroom? What resources and support are available for international students? What are effective strategies that teachers can use to engage all students effectively?

Presented in Spring Quarter 2014 by Kevin Stevens (Business), Patrick Murphy (Business), Christina Gamino (Business), Hui Lin (Business), and Kathy Larson (English Language Academy).


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