The Teaching and Learning Certificate Program (TLCP) is a workshop-based program for all faculty and instructional staff at DePaul who are interested in enriching their teaching practices in collaboration with colleagues from across the university. In order to receive a certificate, participants attend six workshops and create a digital teaching portfolio.

Program Outcomes and Benefits

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate and evaluate their assumptions and beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Identify evidence-based best practices for teaching that are appropriate to their teaching context
  • Apply pedagogical strategies and methods discussed in workshops to their teaching
  • Write structured reflections that evaluate the impact of workshop experiences on their classroom practice
  • Create a digital teaching portfolio that demonstrates a commitment to continuous development and improvement in teaching
  • Use a community of teacher-scholars as a support network for sharing, discussing, and evaluating pedagogical strategies

Workshop Competency Areas

All Teaching Commons workshops will address at least one of the below competency areas.  The competency areas are informed by Teaching at Its Best (Nilson, 2010) and Essential Teaching Principles: A Resource Collection for Adjunct Faculty (Weimer, 2016).

  • Course and Assignment Design
  • Inclusive and Productive Learning Environments
  • Instructional Strategies and Learning Activities
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • High Impact Practices

In the video below, three participants discuss their reasons for recommending the program to colleagues at DePaul. Learn more about the value of participating in the program.


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